Free poem, on the house

Here’s a poem I first published in 2012, called I.E.D., which is short for Improvised Explosive Device. It’s about how men are often rendered powerless by a woman’s beauty. It’s based on an actual woman I saw one lunchtime, in the car park of my local Sainsbury’s. The war had been raging in Afghanistan for over […]

Free poem, on the house, featured image

Bad day at the office 6 - featured image

Bad day at the office 6

  “Why should I let the toad work Squat on my life?”   The opening couplet from Philip Larkin’s poem ‘Toads’ never fails to bring a smile of recognition to my face, as I suspect it does to millions of other readers stuck in jobs they hate, feeling their lives ebbing away like sand in […]

Football fans are being ripped off by the clubs, Sky and BT

I really hate the way Sky, BT, the Premier League, the clubs and the football authorities in this country are totally ripping football fans off. Season tickets can now cost a month’s salary for some low-paid workers. Single game tickets can go for anything from forty to a hundred quid. To sit on your arse […]

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One is the loneliest number

One is the loneliest number

Rare is the TV ad that makes me smile, laugh out loud then tingle all over in the space of 30 seconds. This Lynx ad is one of my favourite on telly at the minute. It’s a real doozy. This is the full version at over a minute, but there’s an even tighter version around 20 seconds […]

Why the Tories can never win the next election

  In October 2013 this pathetic excuse for a government sold off the Royal Mail to big business, like some down-at-heel aristocrat with a heroin habit flogging off the last of the family silver for his next fix. The hit it gave was fleeting, and the sale ultimately benefited the great British public not one […]


Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman front cover

No, really, surely you ARE joking, Mr Feynman

Knowing from experience how deflating a poor review can be, I have a rule that if I don’t get along with a book I usually simply put it aside without hurling vitriolic abuse at the poor author on Amazon. I can’t really see the point. Writing a book is damn hard enough without some talentless […]

Nigel Farage

Vote, Vote, Vote for Nigel Farage

  One of the most unedifying spectacles in recent times has been the scandalous smear campaign conducted by the chattering classes against Nigel Farage and the UK Independence Party, in the run up to today’s Local and European Elections. Farage predicted this would happen. As UKIP’s message begins to resonate with an increasing number of […]

The day I met Marilyn Monroe

                                                                        If there was a poll for the most beautiful woman who ever lived – the most desirable, sexiest creature […]

The day I met Marilyn Monroe

52 Pick-up by Elmore Leonard

52 Pick-up by Elmore Leonard – book review

  Flawed but highly readable early crime thriller by the daddy of naturalistic dialogue Local businessman Harry Mitchell is the respectable, hard-working boss of a small Detroit engineering company. Happily married to his wife Barbara for twenty-two years, he has a mid-life crisis affair with a young model from a nudie bar. Turns out the […]

Bad day at the office 5

                      Here’s a poem I wrote a few weeks back, in March, about a low-point I reached at work. Hopefully it’s self-explanatory.   The Bully   The doctor signed me off sick last month With work-related stress I was being bullied by my boss I’d […]

Bad day at the office 5 - picture of a rook

Bad day at the office 4

My boss Norman Shylock is making my life hell. No newsflash there. The ass-wipe casts a shadow over my life like some ogre in a Goya etching. It’s not helped by his long downcast face, dead-fish eyes and stick-out ears. Shrek on steroids, uglier on the inside than out. Shylock’s face is the last thing […]

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