Bad day at the office 5

                      Here’s a poem I wrote a few weeks back, in March, about a low-point I reached at work. Hopefully it’s self-explanatory.   The Bully   The doctor signed me off sick last month With work-related stress I was being bullied by my boss Resulting […]

Bad day at the office 5 - picture of a rook

Bad day at the office 4

My boss Normal Shylock is making my life hell. No newsflash there. The ass-wipe casts a shadow over my life like some ogre in a Goya etching. It’s not helped by his long downcast face, dead-fish eyes and stick-out ears. Shrek on steroids, uglier on the inside than out. Shylock’s face is the last thing […]

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Cash Crisis

Cash Crisis

Those of you who read my books will know that I fall in love every day, and have done ever since puberty. Hopelessly, all-consumingly in love. The kind of love where you’re walking along minding your own business and wham, beauty comes out of nowhere and smacks you in the kisser. It could be a […]

Every day

Every day Every room I have ever walked into My whole life long I have fallen in love   Every bar, every restaurant Just switching on the TV, watching a movie Walking to the corner shop, everywhere   I did it at the copywriting conference Last Friday in London Three times in the same day […]

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Bad day at the office 3

  Here’s a little poem I wrote about the office where I work, at UK Cash Cowboys. From what I hear, a lot of people feel this way about their jobs. It’s a sad indictment of the things we need to do, just to stay clinging to the surface of this planet for a few […]

Forbidden Fruits

Poem I wrote one lunchtime last week, hopefully self-explanatory. Forbidden Fruits Today as I was walking through the city I was struck by the total hotness Of the young girls walking up and down In their late teens, early twenties The time nature brings it all together Into a moment of fleeting perfection Like flowers […]

Forbidden Fruits

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MP’s porn habit gives Cameron a blow 2

Will British MP’s online sex habit block David Cameron’s porn filter? In July 2013 Britain’s much beloved Prime Minister David Cameron, possessed like Tony Bliar before him of his own saint-like infallibility, announced to the country that up to 95% of households in the UK would have pornography blocked by their internet provider, unless they […]

The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Just published my latest book, the Six Wives of Henry VIII, on Kindle and Smashwords. Statesman, scholar, philosopher, aesthete, Henry VIII was also a glutton of a man with terrible appetites. Cravings that turned him into a mass murderer and serial sex-offender with a penchant for pubescent flesh. Finally in this scholarly new biography of […]

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Damp Shorts

What’s wrong with erotica?

What’s wrong with erotica? Erotic authors often boast on their blogs about the number of books they publish, pumping them out like tin cans on a production line. “For eager readers of my sassy, sexy, spicy, scandalous, naughty, steamy, raunchy BLISTERING LIAISONS series, the good news is I’ll have another six books written by tomorrow night, and […]